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I want great wine, pure food and best friend to enjoy it all

About us

Without our Italian ‘heroes’, our ‘negozio’, our ‘little Italy’, would have remained an idea. Because of the enthusiasm and drive of them we wanted so much to share this piece of Italian culture.

Italians do an incredible amount of effort to have the best ingredients to prepare perfect dishes. The ingenuity that has grown from this has led to products that are so admired all over the world.

Italian food is all about taste and that has recently sadly disappeared from many mass-produced products.

It became almost impossible to put on your tv screen without seeing a cooking program, and yet in our daily life we often eat so poorly as Carlo Petrini once said. This hype about food, is a worldwide phenomenon, except for Italy. What happened with our relationship with food ? Italy is way far ahead (or behind, depending how you look at it ..) when it comes to food. For Italians it is very simple to eat well and use good ingredients which makes it so special.

The effortlessness with which preparations come to the table and the naturalness with which the best ingredients are used is what makes Italian food so special.

We at Basta Poco want to contribute to the restoration of the lost contact between producer, crafstman and consumer. We want to touch people with meaningful experiences by putting real food and drinks from Italy in the spotlight. We choose producers with a passion for what they do, crazy professionals, specialist for whom sustainability, respect for the environment, nature, sea and people is a true value.

We know our products inside and out and we love to provide our customers with expert explanations and tips.

We don't compromise when it comes to taste, and we don't just follow trends and hypes. Instead, we do our research, we visit our producers, we test and taste our products before offering them to our customers ensuring them, concerning us, to be the best product.

We value your opinions and are always open to suggestions. Drop us an email anytime, as we're doing this all for you.

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