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I want great wine, pure food and best friend to enjoy it all



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A spirit with a beautiful amber color. It has scents of spices and moderately balsamic notes. The taste is elegant and well balanced, with a citrusy touch, a persistent and pleasantly acidic finish. It is excellent on its own or at the end of a meal... And mixed in a cocktail!
Reinterpreting tradition through beer.
Beermouth is an innovative product and, at the same time, it is strongly inspired by tradition. It results from the combination between a beer with a strong personality and structure and a mix of very carefully selected (and very secret) spices and herbs, extracted using the most advanced techniques. It is the creation of Teo Musso’s vision in beer-making and of Dennis Zoppi and Giacomo Donadio’s experimentation. A blend of passions which has laid the foundations for a new way of thinking of beer and creating excellent drinks in the world of mixology.
Alcohol content : 19% ABV
Serving temperature = 10/12°C
Pairings : A great aperitif: it goes perfectly with canapés and appetizers. At the end of a meal, it is great mixed in a cocktail. Try and serve it in a 30 ml glass with classic Indian tonic water: 1/3 Beermouth + 2/3 tonic water + ice.

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