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I want great wine, pure food and best friend to enjoy it all

“Genuin without compromise.
Our vegetables are grown with the integrated production technique, all processing phases, from harvesting to processing and putting into jars, are carried out strictly by hand by our farmers.
Tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, courgettes are naturally dried in the burning Salento sun, our ingredients are genuine and natural: lemon juice from Calabria, whole salt from the Saline di Trapani and apple cider vinegar from Modena.
The pursuit of excellence, responsibility for the environment and work, respect for our roots, the cult of tradition and the love of simplicity.
These are the cornerstones that guide us every day in carrying out our project, a dream that comes true every time someone falls in love at the first taste.”
I Contadini

“To conserve the good that comes from the land is an art that is rooted down in history, an art handed down from one generation to another. Sauces vegetables marinated in oil, pates, jams all the products are handmade processed, one by one, without the addition of preservatives or additives, just as long time ago when time was a different thing.”

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